CLOUD PRESS DELFT publishes books on arts and sciences

Cloud Press  Delft has been active since 2002 and has published on a wide range of subjects. We show some examples on the publications page. 

Tsaklis; Gods, demons and protecors in Tibet and Mongolia

Ever since my high-school days I have been interested in Tibet and its intriguing culture and through the years I have collected tsaklis and other artistic artifacts from Tibet and Mongolia. Tsaklis, or tsakalis are small paintings on cards of thick paper and of the size of a postcard or somewhat smaller or larger. There are also miniature tsaklis, painted on canvas and on paper, which may be as small as a postage stamp. They represent Tibetan Buddhist deities as well as deities of the folk religion, demons, but also various other subjects. They have been used in religious rituals, e.g. in death rituals, in order to guide the soul towards another life after death. Their quality varies from extremely sophisticated to very primitive and they have been made for centuries. 

I have published several books on this rather unknown form of art. In the pages below I show some examplesof tsaklis and I give some background information. I also show the contents of some of these books. 

The cloud chamber

During my working life I have been doing research and teaching on the effects of high-energy radiation ('radioactive radiation"). After my retirement I got hold of an old so-called 'cloud chamber', in which radioactive radiaton can be made visible. Since most people find this quite revealing and spectacular, I decided to show this on my website. Also, together with two artist friends of mine we made  a movie about the cloud chambert, which we labeled  'A poetic document' and which I also show on this website.

Books for sale

Some of the books have been printed by BLURB as photobook and are offered for sale on their website. Some of the books printed by PUMBO  are offered for sale at ''. The books on Tibetan tsaklis mentioned in the webshop can be purchased by ordering them directly by me, Andries Hummel, at ''.